Foliar Nutrition for Sustainable Agriculture
Healthier Plants
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Athletes take carbs before a race and proteins after...
  Wouldn't plants also perform better under a similar targeted nutrition approach?

To boost athlete performance human nutrition scientists recommend taking carbs before exercise and proteins after. They also recommend fast burning carbs before a sprint and slow burning carbs before a long run. In other words, athletes carefully control their diet and use nutritional supplements to improve performance and ensure optimal muscle recovery.

We think mineral nutrition affects plant performance much in the same way. It is possible to boost yield and improve quality by providing the right mix of nutrients at the proper time. So we manufacture plant nutrition formulations that contain the right combination of nutrients that plants need and deliver them at the specific time when they need them. Read More >>

Like all living organisms, plants require optimal supply of nutrients throughout their growth and reproductive stages of development in order to produce maximum yield.

This is particularly true for commercial crop producing plants because growers expect them to produce above average yield while maintaining superior quality throughout the production season.

In some cases growers do not provide enough fuel in order to keep the production engine running and, as a result, their fields run out of steam mid-season. This is particularly true in crops with a long production season. For example, many strawberry growers’ yields drop significantly in August, while growers that use APN‘s program continue harvesting significant volume of A grade fruit through October or later.

The negative impact of nutrient deficiency stress on crop yield is considerable. While growers continue to supply nutrients throughout the season, for a variety of reasons these nutrients are not readily available and cannot be absorbed by the plants. As plants begin to exhibit symptoms of nutrient deficiency growers respond by providing even more of the missing nutrient rather than addressing the underlying problem.

Many growers also miss the point that more is not always better when it comes to plant nutrition. Plants do not need the same amount of mineral nutrients at all times. For example, in certain crops feeding excessive amount of Nitrogen during flowering can be counter productive because it promotes vegetative growth and suppresses flower formation.

We prevent the above situations by developing a customized plant nutrition program which ensures that plants have the right combination of nutrients for each stage of development throughout the production season.

We ensure optimal plant performance because we provide the plants with the right combination of minerals at the specific time when they need them. This targeted nutrition approach enables our clients’ plants to reach their optimum productivity and it is the primary reason why our customers see consistently healthier plants, higher yield, and better crop quality.

The secret to the success of our crop nutrition programs is that we use mineral nutrition to trigger certain physiological responses in the plants. Through proper nutrition, we are able to improve plant health and optimize plant growth and development. Plants reach their optimum productivity and growers see consistently better results.

Because of its focus on efficiency, our approach also lowers production costs and reduces the environmental impact of commercial agriculture by eliminating excessive use of soil fertilizers and pesticides.