Foliar Nutrition for Sustainable Agriculture
Healthier Plants
Higher Yields
Better Quality

We make our products with you in mind. We begin by asking you what the problems are. Then we ask what your objectives are. Next, we tap into our network of experts in agronomy and plant physiology. We research the academic and field practitioner literature. Following that, we engage our product development team of bio-chemists to design the optimal plant nutrition formulations for your needs. Finally, we go in production and seven days later your plant nutrition product is born. We then come back to show you that it works and through mutual collaboration over the course of the growing season we fine-tune the nutrition program to achieve your objectives. Read More >>

Our plant nutrition formulations are designed for easy uptake by plant leaves. It takes seven full days to manufacture one of our formulations. During that time many complex chemical reactions take place and we ensure that the optimal conditions and time are provided. Our products are crafted from the finest ingredients, many of which are food grade materials.

We do not cut corners and we will not sacrifice quality -- customer satisfaction is our highest priority. There truly is no better satisfaction for us than hearing our customers’ words of approval and gratitude.