Foliar Nutrition for Sustainable Agriculture
Healthier Plants
Higher Yields
Better Quality

Our crop nutrition programs integrate our plant nutrition products and our field consultation services. We do not just sell fertilizer products -- we provide an integrated plant nutrition service, which ensures that you get the maximum possible yield and quality from each field. Many customers attempt to address mineral deficiency problems by “trying” product after product without much success. This approach is not only frustrating and inefficient, but it is also very costly. For example, often California growers experience calcium deficiency in their crop, while there is high amount of calcium in the soil.

The solution to supply even more calcium into the soil (in different forms and under different labels) is, in most cases, doomed to failure. The problem is not that there is not enough calcium in the soil, but rather that something is preventing the plants from being able to absorb it.

We know enough about plant mineral nutrition and plant physiology to be able to address the root cause of the problem, thus, offering a simple and cost effective solution to the most common mineral deficiency problems that California growers deal with year after year.

Most growers who use our crop nutrition programs from the start of the season avoid plant nutrient deficiency problems altogether. We make sure that the plants are properly nourished throughout the production season.

It is important to understand that much like people, plants need to be fed regularly and with a balanced diet to avoid nutrient deficiency stress and disorders, which have an adverse impact on yield and crop quality. For this reason, we have developed and advise growers to implement nutrition programs, which regularly and consistently provide all necessary nutrients to the plants.

The investment in a good plant diet pays handsome dividends in terms of yield and crop quality and can save growers money, as well as reduce frustration during the season.

Our programs contain the full spectrum of macro and micro-nutrients necessary to ensure optimum yield and crop quality. Each mineral is in the precise quantity needed by the plants at each stage of development and is available in a form that is particularly easy for assimilation by the plant.

We painstakingly measure and analyze each formulation to design a complete, balanced, and cost effective plant nutrition program for each customer, so growers don’t need to worry about what else to buy in order to boost their plants’ performance.